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John Kolinski

2003 RCL Champion Spring Valley, IL;  2002 PWT Angler of the Year;  2000 Masterlock Sportsman of the Year; 1998 Super Pro Qualifier;  1996 MWC Champion Lake Petenwell;  PWT Sharp Angler Award;  13-time World Championship Qualifier;  14 top ten finishes;  Over 30 top twenty finishes;  All time record holder for PWT largest weight for one year-361.65 pounds;  Four PWT Big Fish awards
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Age of Enlightenment
September 20, 2010
If I don't know much about a body of water, or when I'm struggling to catch fish on one of my old standbys, one of the first places I turn is to those feeder creeks or tributaries. If they've got any depth at all, they hold fish all year, but especially when fall is settling in.
Shifting Gears
July 14, 2010
Speed-trolling isn't limited strictly to crankbaits. I've picked up the pace to as much as 2 1/2 mph with crawler harnesses to catch fish. I know Great Lakes anglers who pull spoons at 3-4 mph behind Dipsey Divers and downriggers with great success.
Go Green
May 4, 2010
Rarely have I caught more than 4-5 fish in a small area. Usually, I find them in small groups scattered throughout a large area, although it seems like they do key in on the same depths. If they're in weeds that are five feet deep, often they'll be in another weedbed elsewhere at the same depth.
History Lessons
April 5, 2010
Ultimately, each outing on the water is a new adventure. Experience can point us in the right direction, but we still have to interpret the current conditions and adjust our game plan accordingly.
Taking AIM at the Future
February 17, 2010
Eventually, the economy will rebound. Tournament fishing will come back stronger than ever. And those in the walleye game will be leading the charge.
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