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Tom Huggler

Huggler has appeared on the mastheads of Outdoor Life, Chevy Outdoors, North American Hunter, And North American Fisherman. He writes monthly columns for Michigan Out-of-Doors and Woods-N-Water News and is a regular contributing writer and photographer to The American Hunter, Gun Dog, Wing & Shot, Shooting Sportsman, Meijer Lake 'n Trail and many others. He also wrote "Cannon's Guide To Freshwater Fishing With Downriggers." 
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Night Fishing 'Eyes in the Night
Catching the year's biggest walleyes from the Great Lakes requires that you follow one simple formula: Troll rivers and their mouths after dark.
Trophy Walleye Tactics
Featuring Mike McClelland, Gary Roach and Gary Parsons. Filmed in Michigan.
Lakes / Reservoirs 10,000,000 Trophy 'Eyes!
It is estimated that 10 million walleyes are now swimming in Lake Erie's Western Basin.
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