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More Coffee Please!!
Time for more "HOT" coffee, yup-yup-yup, more coffee, that will help. Ah....And by the way, it was a strategic manly GRUNT. Not a girly-man type scream, honest.
Methods for Search and Go Walleye
Typical fall patterns of shoreline hunter walleye get messed with when the best shorelines are far from were they should be, and are set back into the channel.
Ice Fishing What To Do When The Rivers Turn Stiff?
Once the ice becomes safe enough to venture out on I look for some walleye on the tributary arms associated with my home river, the Red River of the North. This early season bite can be good if you find the right tributary arm with some hanger on walleye, but it is often a short-lived bite.
The Razors Edge in a Jiffy
You would be amazed at how a quick touch up of the two cutting edge surfaces on an ice auger will help the total operational performance of your auger.
Stalking Early Spring Trophy Pike
Even considering that large portions of the bays or adjoining lakes or reservoirs feed by the early spring run off are most likely still largely covered by ice, the time for scout prime areas to fish is now.
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