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Ross Grothe

Major Tournament Accomplishments 

  • 1996 NAWA Angler of the Year
  • 2nd Place 1996 NAWA Lake Erie
  • 2nd Place 1996 PWT Lake Oahe
  • 2nd Place 1996 PWT Championship
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Jigging The Basics of Jig Fishing
Jigs will work for walleye in all seasons wherever you fish. If you keep the following basic ideas regarding jigs in mind next time you’re on walleye water, you’ll be on the right track to success.
River Walleyes
Once you find them you will fish about 5% of the structure on the river, but you can catch 90% of the fish caught in this body of water.
Walleyes in the Wind
Walleyes in the wind is not a subject that you read about everyday. Most fishermen probably won’t go out on windy days because they can’t control their boats or they can’t feel the jig on the bottom.
Trolling The Board Meeting
Trolling boards arose out of the Great Lakes where they were used for lake trout and salmon. Walleye anglers were quick to use this application for big water walleyes.
General Running and Gunning for Shallow Water ‘Eyes
Shallow water is usually defined as any water that you can’t sit on top of with a boat, walleyes can and do inhabit this type of water.
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