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Colin Crawford

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Finding Active Schools in Open Water
Sometimes when working a school of fish in open water it is tough to keep your bearings, especially if they are holding on a piece of structure smaller than your bathroom.
Ice Fishing Changing Conditions for Iced Walleyes
Effective scouting may require drilling a lot of holes. If you fish a weedline early in the year it might take several holes to find the right area the walleyes are in.
General Downtime Keeps Fishing Gear in Top Shape
When was the last time you gave your fishing rod the once over? Chances are that it was at the very start of the season, and how many times have you been on the water since that time?
Winter Strategies for Walleyes
Jigging walleyes is the most deadly method of all, if done properly. Proper size, color selection and action all come into play.
Crappie Crappies in Frozen Rivers
Crappies in the winter months are probably the sweetest tasting fish that swims.
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