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Leon Luker

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Doing the Walleye Spin
Spinner rigs are a deadly method for catching walleyes and is often overlooked by many anglers. Spinners are considered complicated and hard to use by some; however their fish catching ability makes them a must in every fisherman's arsenal.
General Fishing The Wind
We have all been there, our only day to fish and the wind is howling at 25 mph. What do you do now? The answer is, go fishing and use these tips to help manage the weather conditions and still catch fish.
The Carp Connection
Walleyes and Carp! What in the world is this guy talking about? Seriously, there is a huge relationship between carp and the much sought after walleye.
Clean and Bag
Take a lesson from the pros--organize and containerize. For years the professional fishermen have been building a better mousetrap,
Walla Walla Walleyes
Central Wisconsin has a system that is teeming with walleyes. The Lake Winnebago System, which includes Lake Butte des Morts, Lake Winneconne, and Lake Poygan is experiencing a walleye bonanza
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