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Bob Riege

Bob Riege is an Free Lance Outdoor Writer, Owner and operator of R& R Guide service. He writes for about 60 newspapers and 6 outdoor magazines. Bob is also a Social Studies teacher when he is not on the water. Bob loves to fish and hunt and the teacher in him doesn't stop at the school door, but continues on in the outdoor surroundings. Bob is one the most prolific writers in the Upper Midwest.
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Lakes / Reservoirs Lake of the Woods Walleyes
Lake of the Woods is a tough lake to fish especially if you are a structure fisherman.
Spring Walleye Spring Shallow Water Eyes
Few people look to water less than 15' deep, but this shallow water can produce some of the biggest stringers of the year in early spring.
General Back to School for Fish
What is structure and how important is it to fishing? Do all species of fish relate to structure?
Pike Lake of the Woods Spring Pike
Spring is also a good season to chase those walleyes and who can resist a bunch of nice crappies out of cold spring water.
Lakes / Reservoirs Border Lakes and Smallie Fishing
These lakes can be tough if you don't fish smallmouth a great deal, but the shallow reefs adjacent to deep water are a magnet to these acrobatic wonders.
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