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Phil Rolfe

Lake of the Woods Guide and Walleye Pro
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General Cast Like a Pro
Catching big fish is not all that difficult, just fish big fish waters, and fish em when they're bitin'.
As I See It! Lake of the Woods Walleyes
My job at Witch Bay Camp is to put our guests on the best fishing spots and share with them, the presentations that produce.
Spring Locations and Presentations
In the area of the Woods where we fish, central and north sectors, there is very little river spawning, so what we are dealing with is main lake spawning
Take the Fear Out Of Navigating Big Waters
Navigating big waters does not have to be a traumatic experience, especially if you are prepared and have the commitment to learn the water.
Jigs--Versatility is the Key For Walleyes
The amount of ways you can work a jig are endless. You can work em slow, you can work em fast. You can use em with live bait or without. You can cast em or work em vertical. Be creative, try something new. You just never know with walleyes. Versatility is the key to success.
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