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Dave Kidd

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Guaranteed Techniques for Great Lakes Walleye
Its seems that the sheer numbers of walleye inhabiting the Great Lakes may only be rivaled by the number of ways in which to catch them.
Rod Selection Walleye Gear for the New Millinium
Gadgets, gizmos, and thing-a-ma-jigs, thatís what we anglers live for, well, maybe thatís just one of the things during this time of year.
General Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan The Fine Line between Versatility and Self Destruction
It had been said that life is merely a series of lessons, some of which are learned through the tutelage of mentors, teachers, parents, friends and acquaintances.
General Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But This Name Will Never Hurt Me
In recent times I've picked up a few names that relate to my passion for fishing. Some of these I do not mind, as they often reflect directly upon my abilities as a walleye angler.
Winter Walleye Off to the Races
If you are as I am you've probably pondered ways to lengthen your angling season providing opportunities to fish year round. The month of February, however, leaves many an angler in somewhat of a quandary.
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