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Dale Helgeson

Website: http://www.outdoor-experience.tv

In 2004 Dale Helgeson joined the Grand National Walleye Cup (GNWC) circuit as well as fishing a Master Walleye Circuit (MWC) event.
He is also a published contributor to the Southeast Wisconsin Outdoor Guide magazine, Bowhunting.net, In-Depthangling.com, and Lake-Link.com.
He also was a feature article in the Racine Journal Times for his guiding service as well as interviewed for the Wisconsin Sportsman’s Magazine on how to tips for fishing pressured bass.

Dale's Tips
Dale's Latest Articles
Spring Walleyes: River Jigging
March 6, 2007
The number one used technique for spring river walleyes is jigging. There are many options when it comes to jigging in a river.
Spring Walleye Jigging Techniques
March 30, 2006
There are many styles of jigs and picking the right one for the right situation can be difficult.
Preparing for the Spring Run
February 1, 2006
Once the general maintenance is complete go through a final run through the week before you leave and double check that everything works and runs properly including running your motor.
Ice Fishing: Preparing for First Ice
November 29, 2005
Each year it is important to go through your equipment to make sure it is in good working order before you get out on the ice.
Opening Day Walleyes
April 28, 2005
Opening day has very special meanings to many people. It is the official start of summer for fisherman.
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