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Greg Bohn

Mr. Slip Bobber® Greg Bohn has perfected the art of slip bobbering during 30 years as a top Northwoods walleye guide.

He recently teamed with outdoor writer Scott Richardson to produce the newly published, “Master the Art of Slip Bobbering: The Deadliest Method for Walleye!”

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Warm Water Walleye Lessons
April 6, 2010
Knowing the warm-water difference eliminates a lot of guesswork about where the walleyes will be. Simply seek the shallow bays and isolated pockets where water warms faster. Don’t launch the boat and go racing off across the lake. You might overlook a place right under your nose.
Autumn Walleyes…Take your pick
October 20, 2009
“As a guide, I like the flats because most people don’t know how important they are. They know the humps, but walleyes can be in the flats by the hundreds. A bite can come on every cast.
Pothole Potential – Monster Bluegills!
January 26, 2009
Potholes are exactly what their name implies – holes. Don’t expect any major structure to analyze. They simply start shallow at the edge all the way around and end in a deep hole in the middle.
Quick Thinking Slip Bobber Rigging!
March 17, 2008
When you find a hot combination, don’t fall in love with it. Fish can change preference daily, even hourly.
Jigg'n Up Winter 'Eyes
December 19, 2007
Ever sit on your bucket right next to an ice fisherman that is catching one fish after another, and you can't buy a bite?
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