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Jonathan Shoemaker

Jonathan has fished the FLW Walleye Tour since 2006. He qualified for the FLW Tour Championship in 2007, and finished 5th at the FLW League Championship in 2007.
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The Continual Management of Lake Erie
January 17, 2008
Looking into the future, there will be changes made on how the ODNR views the population of walleyes swimming in Lake Erie.
Factors Affecting Lake Erie’s 07’ Spawn
February 2, 2007
Much research has, and is taking place regarding the spawning rates of walleye. There are a multitude of factors that will play into the spawning success for any individual spring.
Understanding the Canadian Commercial Fishing Industry on Lake Erie
July 12, 2006
The only thing limiting the amount of gill nets that a Canadian commercial fisherman can put out is time and money invested in man power and equipment.
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