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Brett Beebe

Bret Beebe is a Lund Pro Staffer and an RCL pro who has over six years of tournament fishing under his belt. Bret, who got his start with the Iowa Walleye Tournament Trail, now lives in Cross Lake, MN.
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Tips For Open Water Trolling
July 15, 2004
I really think that open water trolling has a lot of potential, but just as with other presentation methods, it takes practice to gain confidence.
Fishing the mud line or windy side
May 20, 2004
If you have several days with a breeze coming from the same direction, that mudline will be there each day and can lead to a very consistent bite.
Walleye Fishing the Smaller, Lesser-known Lakes in the Midwest
April 13, 2004
Yes, there is something to be said about the lesser-known lakes in the Midwest. Although not as famous as the big name bodies of water, these waters can provide dynamite walleye action.
Trust The Flash
February 26, 2004
Although some people are great at ice fishing their favorite spots and rely only on their rod tip to detect what is going on down below, I truly appreciate "eyes beneath the ice."
An Approach To Fishing Cold Fronts During The Winter
We need to look at the situation, evaluate what has happened as a result of the weather, and see what subtle presentation change we can use to trigger a strike!
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