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Dennis Foster

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Reasoning For Really Good Rods
May 15, 2018
Today we have hundreds of good rods from dozens of companies to choose from. Standard rods will perform at a level well enough to get the basics done. For those of us who choose to take our avocations a bit more enthusiastically than an occasional recreational outing, a step above the norm is in order.
Northern Lake Oahe
March 28, 2018
If you have not been to Lake Oahe or it has not been recently-by all means-come on out and see what you have been missing. I can guarantee you that you will come away quite impressed with the fishing, the scenery and the folks that call this truly special outdoor mecca home.
Reasoning for Really Good Ice Rods
January 16, 2018
You see, high end rods are much more than just a wistful want. They fall more into the category of a necessity as we continually strive to become better overall anglers.
Speedy Spinners
June 7, 2017
This presentation is well suited for quickly covering ground on large flats or tapering shorelines.
Choosing Your New Boat…wisely
May 11, 2017
A new boat purchase is a major commitment in not just money, but even more importantly, your precious leisure time. As most of us do not have near enough of either, picking the perfect ride is of utmost importance.
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