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Grant McAllister

When meeting Grant, it becomes evident that he lives and breathes walleye! Every thought, emotion and movement revolves around his next move to catch more and bigger fish.
Grant is the Co-Founder of www.g2angling.com; a top notch guide service that operates out of the world famous, Bay of Quinte! Grant has been a guest on a number of Canada's leading Fishing Shows and been a editorial contributor to the industry's leading publications. Grant is an avid tournament angler and is an active participant on the NOWT (Northern Ontario Walleye Trail). Since turning pro in 2010, Grant has 1 win and finished no less than 25th in 8 events! Grant attributes his overall success to his commitment to becoming a better angler through continuous theoretical study, practical tactic development and deployment and by surrounding himself with world's top walleye anglers with whom he can be mentored by.
Website : www.g2angling.com
Favourite Tactics: Pitching Jigs & Trolling Crankbaits
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Social Networking for Fishing- My Experience….
October 13, 2010
Through advancements in technology over the last 5 years, the definition of “friend” has changed. For the most part; the days of picking up the phone to talk, meeting for a beer or going for a coffee are all but over.
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