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Walleye Central Get Together 1999
I finally made it and I had a blast!
Thanks everyone!  I'll be back next year.
As soon as I got to Huron I started seeing boats in the parking lots at the Gull Hotel and the Quality Inn. But, first I  had to go look at the "Big Pond". Having never seen Lake Erie I wanted to look it over and I gotta tell ya, to a Colorado Boy that is some huge water!
Lake Erie
Capt Ron and Scott G Friday morning we went fishing. Cindy, Juls and I got lucky and hitched a ride on Thumpers boat for that day. There were some pretty good waves out there. I'd say around 3-4 feet minimum. He drove that boat like a submarine, but we caught 7 walleyes, a couple white bass and had a great time. Thanks Capt. Ron.

It was a new experience for me. We had the big skis out with stinger spoons for the most part. We did use some cranks later that day, but the spoons really did the trick.  That's me and Capt Ron with a nice eater for the fish fry.

The business end of Thumper
The girls were helping out too. Here's Cindy Golden and WC Juls with another one for the fry. I'll give you one guess who gets to do all the fish cleaning when we get back to the Gull Hotel. Most of the rigging was done by myself and Capt Ron, the girls were the dedicated reelers and netters. They did a great job, we never lost a fish. Thanks for helping out Cindy and Juls.
Cindy and Juls
Cooking it up
Friday night was the fish fry, and what a feed that was. Here's Bigfoot (Rick LaCourse) and some of the gang helping out. I gotta tell ya, these guys have done this before. Thanks fellas, that was the best walleye I've had in quite some time, and I fancy myself as a pretty good cook.
I don't know how many people showed up to eat, but the place was crowded inside to say the least.
Here's Bob Keeney. Just Looking was Just Cooking friday night. We all had some cold beverages and hung around the cooks, that is where the eating gets started. I was making sure I didn't get shut out. Hot fried walleye caught and cooked that day. Man that was tongue slapping, belly rubbing good!
Just Looking
Just Lookin is Just Cookin
Now it's tourney time. I went out with Mark Brumbaugh on Saturday. What a great guy! We joked around, trolled endless amounts of water and caught 2 walleyes. It was a great day. I don't have to catch fish to have fun, but it does help :-) Mark is a Reef Runner addict. After a couple of hours of trolling I asked him if he had any Shad Raps or Thundersticks, but guess what, all he had with him was Reef Runners. Lots of them, every color, every size and everywhere. That is one hot lure in Erie. Just seemed like a hotter lure on Sunday than Saturday for some reason. Mark Brumbaugh
Mark Brumbaugh and Scott Stecher Dave Kidds tourney for St. Judes Children Hospital was a great thing to do.  Here's Mark Brumbaugh and Scott Stecher (Reef Runner) with a winning weight of fish. See what I mean about Sunday? Get me out of the boat and win money...hmmmm (I have to think about that for a little while)   Congrats fellas. Winners
Team Bigfoot w/ Juls Walleye Centrals' Juls Davis was on stage. She was fishing with Rick LaCourse and his partner. Bigfoot can catch 'em that's for sure. That's Jim O'Rourke from In-Fish doing the Microphone duty. That guy is the best, he could talk the horns off a goat if he wanted to.

I've got more photos and some video that I'll share with you also. The video is hilarious!
I have to say "Thank You" to Rick LaCourse. He is the one that put this all together and made it happen. We love ya Rick and we all owe ya a huge Walleye Central debt of gratitude. You da man!

Let's do it again next year. Bigger, better and if possible more fun. So start making plans 'cause it's gonna happen for sure. Thanks to everyone for a great time. It was our honeymoon (Isn't that wife of mine a trooper?) and it was unforgettable. All of you made us feel right at home and we appreciate it.  See ya online!

Scott Golden

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