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Huron 1999 - Another look at the fun and friendships made
This one has lots of big pictures, so be patient and it will load
Cindy and I flew from Fort Collins, Co. to Chicago, then onto Cleveland Airport. We landed around midnight on wednesday. From Cleveland we rented a car and headed to Huron. On the way there we stopped at a little bar called the Wayside Inn. The people were very friendly so we had a couple of beers and back on the road to Huron.  We got there around 3 am for some reason. Thursday we drove around town to get a look at Lake Erie and headed to Port Clinton. Having never been to Ohio we wanted to play the part of sight-seeing newlyweds. And, I think we did just fine. People could tell we were from outta town somehow. I really enjoyed walking around the docks and chatting with folks there. Kinda reminded me of Florida, except a little colder and not as quite tanned. I just love the big water...
someday I'm gonna.............
Oh well, back to the story.
At the lake
Me (Scott Golden)
Capt Ron Johnson
Capt. Ron Johnson ("Thumper")
Thursday afternoon  we met up with Rick LaCourse, Juls, Sheila, Bruce DeShano and others. Rick lined us up for a boat ride with Thumper (Capt. Ron Johnson). Friday morning we met at for breakfast and then on to the docks where we climbed aboard for our first trip on the big pond. Juls Davis joined us and off we went. Waves were respectable but he was balls2Dwalls all the way out and all the way in. Gotta love that. I did anyway.
We went out around 12 miles I think, maybe more maybe less. I was just looking around, not paying too much attention. We mapped some fish and he became all business. Rods came out of the holders and it's rigging time!  I love to rig, so I jumped in and tried to help out as best I could. We put the big skis out and started with the rods. I learned how to turn a release so the lines is always pointing at the rod. In fact I learned that a couple of times. Thanks for the patience Capt. We used little spoons called "stingers". I've never seen them before but I bet they would catch trout. I'll find out since I was given a few by the local rep. Gotta love that.

It's work when you get a fish. You have to make sure he's not tangling any lines on the way in and after he's aboard you have to reset the lines. But it's the kind of work I love.

Capt Ron and Scott G
Capt. Ron and I with a nice "eater"
Cindy  Golden
Cindy Golden on her honeymoon
We caught 7 walleyes and a couple of white bass. The fishing wasn't fast and furious, but plenty of action to keep us on our toes and interested in what was going on. I finally got to the point that I knew what lure was on what line and how far each line was out behind the jet divers.  Capt. Ron and I did most of the rigging and the girls "caught" all the fish. They reeled 'em in and netted 'em. They never lost a fish. Those girls can fish I guarantee ya. We needed the fish for the fish-fry that was planned for that night. So we kept them all. It's not until later on the boat ride back that I started wondering who was going to clean them... I thought it was probably me and I was right. Oh well, I met some more WC people at the cleaning table. Swat1 was there along with Bull, they were doing some cleaning too. It looked like we had plenty for the fry. And it turned out we did, barely.
Now it's time for the fish fry. We arrived at the community center about an hour early and went out back where the action was. There were more fish-fryers there than Cabellas has. Had to be about 10 people out there getting set up to fry. Rick LaCourse had a table set up with loads of fresh walleye to be battered. This was starting to look like a good 'ol fashioned fry. The bar was inside and the fish were outside, other than that it was perfect. Cook duty
Some of the gang at work / some not working
Sign Up - Don't get shut out
Sign up for the Bionic Minnow Challenge
Some of the guys were out back having cold refreshments and others were busy cooking. Inside, people were starting to show up and register for the Bionic Minnow Challenge on Saturday. There was a table set up with some free hats, key fobs, WC stickers and lures. This was starting to shape up into a real good time. It turned out exactly that way.
It was getting almost time to eat. I'd better go outside and do a taste test on the walleye.
All the tables were full. We had set up for 150 and it wasn't enough. The walleye was coming inside in huge portions. We had cole slaw, beans, bread and fresh lake erie walleye. It's enough to make your tongue slap your teeth out almost. After dinner Rick LaCourse gave a quick rundown on the rules for the coming tourney. Then it was time to mingle and meet some of the WC folks. I met more than I can remember. I really didn't know who you were until you gave me your screen name, then it made perfect sense.  Chow Time !
Time to sit down and enjoy some fresh walleye fillets
Blast Off
Headed into the big pond Saturday morning
Saturday morning blast off. I was fishing with Mark Brambaugh the PWT guy. I gotta tell ya he was fun to fish with. We rock and rolled out towards the amusement park direction for quite a while before we settled in. Then it was time to get down to business. We didn't catch too many, only 2. We still had fun, telling jokes and old war stories. He was like talking to someone I've known all my life. Great guy. Thanks Mark. We gotta do that again next year. 
My wife (Cindy) and Sheila fished with Busy B on saturday, I don't have any pictures of them but I do have some video that I will put online later.  They had some fish but were late coming back in so they didn't get to go on stage. Cindy told me she had a great time fishing with the crew, thanks for taking care of her guys. I 'preciate that.

After the weigh in we met the gang at Bullwhackers for a huge feed. I love that place. Great food at a decent price. You won't go away hungry there.

Then to the Gull Motel for a little impromptu party in the back yard. I was able to meet more people there. I had the opportunity to meet Ron "Bull" Bullock. I'm thankful for that.   We all miss ya big fella.

Busy B
"Walleye Central tested"  Busy B Charters
Cover Girl
Cindy is the one netting the fish . Cover Girl?
Dave Kidd put on a charity tournament for the St. Judes Children's Hospital on Sunday. I didn't have a partner so we sat this one out. I met Dave in the morning to see if he could use any help and ran across Dave Mull of the Great Lakes Angler Magazine. Dave was looking for someone to drive his boat while he did a photo shoot for the cover of an upcoming issue. I volunteered and went back to the hotel to get Cindy. I told her she didn't have time to get all gussied up, "just get some jeans on and let's go". Well.......... as it turned out she was invited to be in the photo. Now I'm in trouble!  We did several shots, here's one that he emailed to me.

He's a great guy, can't wait to read the magazine. If you see a copy pick it up and let me know what you think about it.

OK, back to the tourney. We made it in time for weigh in. Seems like most of the people used Saturday to find the fish, because they were coming in now. Big ones and lots of them. Darn, I missed the boat on this one. Mark Brambaugh and Scott (Reef Runner) Stecher won the trophy with a nice basket. 
Congrats Guys. It was close, lots of huge fish.
Mark Brambaugh and Scott Stecher
Sundays winners - Mark B. and Mr. Reef Runner himself
In Rememberance
Swat1 and "Bull"
Here's Dan Wyna with Ron Bullock at the weigh in. Nobody knew it at the time but it was to be one of Rons' last fishing trips. I met him for the first time at the Get Together. We sat outside the Gull Hotel with a crowd of WC'rs and had a great time that night. I also ran across him at the "chopping block" when I was cleaning some fish on friday afternoon.
What a loss. What a shame.

Ron was a great help to many people on the message board and made a lot of friends on Walleye Central. We all send our sincere regrets to his wife and family. We share in your loss. 

At the weigh in
Another nice mess of 'eyes'
At the weigh in
Rick Cole and Roger
Well, it was over way too fast. People had to get back to work so did we. I made alot of friends there, or should I say I met friends I already had. I want to thank everyone for coming and making it an unforgettable experience for me and my new bride. She really enjoyed her honeymoon and so did I. Let's do it again next year..... We didn't want to leave, but we had to. We said our good-byes and headed back to Cleveland. It was a long drive and late when we got there. We went to the Riverfront and had dinner at a Seafood Restaurant on the banks of the river at night. It was romantic I guess. Anyone that knows me will tell ya , I'm no romantic. But, it was our honeymoon so once in awhile doesn't hurt anything I guess. The food was great. After dinner we drove around town to see what Cleveland looks like at night. Stopped in at another waterfront bar, had a nightcap and went to the hotel...... It was over.  Darn.

Cleveland at night
Cleveland at night

The flight back was uneventful, but if you've never been to the Chicago airport you need to go. The light show in the lower concourse is amazing. We had a short layover and then it's back to Colorado and reality.

Speaking of reality, here is where I had to go the very next day.... That hurts!

It is a living I guess.  

Reality sucks

It was great!  Let's do it again next year.
See ya there.

Scott Golden (co)

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